Guinot Facial Treatments

Hydraderm Cellular Energy

The Advanced Complexion Rejuvenating Treatment

Achieve immediate results with Guinot’s brand new revolutionary treatment which provides the alternative to aesthetic surgery.  This technology encourages the cellular energy in the skin which beautifully enhances and spectacularly rejuvenates the complexion after just one treatment.

1 hour 15 minutes £75

Hydraderm Cellular Energy Age Logic

The Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial

The ultimate anti-ageing facial increases cellular energy and combats visible signs of ageing.

1 hour 30 minutes  £90

Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift Express

The Advanced Lifting Treatment for those in a hurry

For those needing quick results but still wanting the effect of the advanced lifting treatment.  This treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation and muscle stimulation restoring a youthful tone to the complexion.

40 minutes £65

Recommended course of 12 £650

Hydradermi Cellular Lift Deluxe

The Ultimate Lifting Treatment

Using Guinot’s unique Age Logic serum combined with the Hydraderm Cellular Lift Treatment, wrinkles will be minimised, facial muscles will be toned and skin’s elasticity will be increased.  Hydraderm Cellular Energy Age Logic and Energy Lift Express combined.

1 hour 45 minutes £125

Hydraderm Cellular Energy Eye Logic

The Advanced Eye Repair Treatment

The advanced lifting treatment stimulates around the delicate eye area to reduce the appearance of tiredness, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

40 minutes £65

Age Summum Treatment

The ultimate anti-ageing treatment using vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Pro-Collagen. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves firmness and restores radiance.

1 hour £80

Lift Summum

The Firming and Lifting Treatment

An exclusive firming treatment that immediately reduces signs of fatigue and ageing, focusing on the face, neck and décolleté. The unique stimulating massage visibly lifts, firms and helps improve elasticity.

1 hour £80

Hyrda Peeling Treatment

The Radiance Peeling Treatment

 Hydra Peeling is a skin rejuvenating treatment with two peeling options that are adjusted and prescribed based on your beauty goals and level of skin sensitivity.

1 hour £70


The Relaxation Treatment
The unique, personalised treatment method combines the benefits of essential oils with massaging techniques to fill your skin with with energy & provide a long-lasting effect. Concluding with an aromatic mask.

1 hour £55


The Deep Cleansing Facial

Designed to deeply cleanse the face, this 30 minute treatment perfectly combines machine based technology with a relaxing hands-on massage to rid the skin of toxins whilst helping to restore radiance.

30 minutes £35